Q: What maintenance is required for your concrete countertops?
A: There is very little maintenance required. We use a polish with carnauba wax to keep the countertops looking new. Avoid cutting and putting hot pans on your countertops. We can integrate trivet for hot pans and cutting boards for your cutting needs into your countertops. Do not use abrasives such as comet or soft scrub.
Q: Will your concrete countertops scratch?
A: We use a scratch resistant sealer, however it is not scratch proof
Q: Will my concrete countertops stain?
A: We use a topical sealer which creates a barrier and will not allow your countertops to stain.
Q: How strong are your concrete countertops?
A: We use glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) which makes it very strong. Therefore, we believe our countertops are so strong that we warranty all indoor countertops from structural cracking for 5 years.
Q: Is the concrete poured in our house?
A: No, everything is precast in our shop
Q: What should I avoid putting on my countertops?
A: You should avoid anything with extreme heat, cutting, ammonia or abrasives

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